Dog microchips: Outdated contact details leave animals unclaimed (BBC News)


Above photograph: Roy, the Jack Russell, from Leeds (UK), is looking for a new home since his owners forgot to update his new address details.

How sad is this? –

Jon Gerlis from the Dogs Trust told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We took a poll which found that only 9% of people saw updating their dog’s microchip as a priority when they move home – that compares, unfavourably, to updating their digital television set.”

So, the t.v. is worth more than your dog?!

~ Spread the word: Please talk about this with family and friends who have dogs. ~


More than 4,700 stray dogs in the UK couldn’t be reunited with their owners last year due to outdated microchips, animal charity Dogs Trust has said.

The charity found 37,283 dogs were left unclaimed in local authority kennels between April 2015 and March 2016.

One in eight were pets that could not be returned as their microchips had not been updated by their owners, it said.

In April, it became a legal requirement for all pet dogs to be microchipped with current contact details.

The results come from the organisation’s annual survey of local authorities, which also revealed 3,463 stray dogs had been destroyed in the last year.

You can read more *Here*.


The original article by BBC News.



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4 Responses to Dog microchips: Outdated contact details leave animals unclaimed (BBC News)

  1. It also goes to show your neighbours are really just people you live next to. I am living in the wrong era. I’m the “Hey Neighbour!” Type.

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    • Most of my neighbours are comfortably well off and old – but are they enjoying their retirement? It seems not! There have been a lot of ugly arguments, and made very public. It’s like they have it too good and don’t know what to do with themselves…

      It seems so unfair whilst I’m still youngish but have to deal with disability from chronic pain and nerve damage. They ‘re too stupid to realise just how good they have it!

      Hugs! 🐻 💜


  2. Belinda O says:

    How sad. I’m sure the statistics are similar in the U.S.

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