Burnt Sienna #coloryourworld

I thought this might be fun as I’m a lover of colours and as there is a different hex/RGB each day there is a new invitation/try to produce something creative – until the ‘challenge’ is over at the end of April.

Your contribution can come in any form – art, poetry, flash fiction, a tale of a miscellaneous memory – anything, the only caveat – it has to be inspired by the color of the day. You can join in every single day or simply post at your leisure. – Color Your World, 120 Days of Crayola

Why not join me? 🙂

Here is my contribution towards today’s colour –



Dale needed more stability in his life, he thought. At 22, he needed to be more grounded, to slow down the partying and drinking and think about what he really wanted. The moment he’d inhaled the sweet, earthy scent of the burnt sienna oil Carl was burning, this abrupt turn of direction had taken root.

And, somehow, he just knew within his core, that the exotic fragrance oil had changed him: he was thinking this way because of it.

Also, he thought, the burnt sienna may continue to do him some good. It’d lead him down the right paths to be actually happy. He’d never thought much about happiness before, had never really done much self-contemplation. But, even a little bit happy, he knew he wasn’t.

“We’ve shared this house for a year now, and not once have I known you to really smile.” Carl observed from his usual seated position, encased in the colourful cushions at the right side of the couch. Dale sat at the other end, devoid of any cushion.

This observation startled Dale. He wasn’t one to be showing his true feelings – and really smiling a smile born of authenticity and a warm glow, had never happened before.

“Was I?” He mumbled. Whilst in the background of his mind the cogs were turning in an altogether different direction.

Then, he was thinking how disgusted he was with himself for what he did yesterday. Shoplifting electrical goods worth hundreds of pounds, lying to a woman that he cared for her just to get her into bed, and taking the last of the milk without replacing it (Carl and himself had an arrangement for the next person to replace any of the shared basic food stuff). It was a wonder his housemate put up with him. However, he had a feeling that if the much older man really knew about the stealing, he wouldn’t agree to sharing a house. As far as he knew, Dale only made his money working in the bar two blocks away.

“You seem relaxed. I think the burnt sienna oil is having a positive effect on you.” Carl said.

Dale shook his head. “I suppose it’s alright. Not really my thing…these…” He waved his hand at the burning oil in the ceramic dish on the coffee table. “These fancy oils.” He finished.

Carl nodded knowingly. Saying nothing.

Dale was conscious of his own staring at the exotic oil bottle next to the ceramic burner; he tried hard not to. He just knew he had to have it. Of course it was – again – stealing, but it’d be the last time he would steal anything. Carl mustn’t be aware of his intent. He daren’t mess this up.

“I think you might be interested in my story about the inch worm oil.” Carl said.


More about the colour Sienna, *here*

#1 Vivid Tangerine – Introduction to Carl and Dale






Why not join in? Color Your World 120 Days of Crayola with JenniferNicholeWells.com

Copyright – the colour chart by colourlovers.com; story/artwork by Faith McCord




Copyright Faith McCord 2016

Story and artwork belongs to Faith McCord who is the author and artist holding the copyright. This is not a public domain work. Worldwide rights.


About Oscar Dandelion

Hi, I'm Faith McCord, writer of the Oscar Dandelion books. I love reading, writing, watching films, looking at architecture and general design, embroidery (especially Elizabethan), spending time with my family. I used to enjoy long walks, bodybuilding, going out, however, since my injury my mobility is seriously impaired, so I'm more of a home-body now. I'm interested in meeting other indie / pro writers, so do say 'Hello' ! :)
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  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    Simply beautiful
    As always Sheldon

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