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I thought this might be fun as I’m a lover of colours and as there is a different hex/RGB each day there is a new invitation/try to produce something creative – until the ‘challenge’ is over at the end of April.

Your contribution can come in any form – art, poetry, flash fiction, a tale of a miscellaneous memory – anything, the only caveat – it has to be inspired by the color of the day. You can join in every single day or simply post at your leisure. – Color Your World, 120 Days of Crayola

Why not join me? 🙂

Here is my contribution towards today’s colour –




You are opposites

– yet, without conflict

the both things

You are

       soft and strong

       bold and quiet

       tender and solid

       everywhere and unseen

       of nature, and of cities

So why is Brown underestimated?


Brown is one of my favourite colours, I prefer it to black as it is less harsh. For a while I always replaced black with brown in my soft pastel drawings. It is many things – trees, chocolate, hair, furniture, animals…

By the way I do not claim to know how to write poetry. I just like putting my ideas down.






Why not join in? Color Your World 120 Days of Crayola with

Copyright – the colour chart by; story/artwork by Faith McCord




Copyright Faith McCord 2016

Story and artwork belongs to Faith McCord who is the author and artist holding the copyright. This is not a public domain work. Worldwide rights.


About Oscar Dandelion

Hi, I'm Faith McCord, writer of the Oscar Dandelion books. I love reading, writing, watching films, looking at architecture and general design, embroidery (especially Elizabethan), spending time with my family. I used to enjoy long walks, bodybuilding, going out, however, since my injury my mobility is seriously impaired, so I'm more of a home-body now. I'm interested in meeting other indie / pro writers, so do say 'Hello' ! :)
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8 Responses to Brown #coloryourworld

  1. swamiyesudas says:

    Interesting thoughts and Art, my Dear Oscar! You deserve an Oscar! Hope Your injury is not troubling You too much! Regards. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Swami, thank you for returning the visit and your kind comments. I am still learning to live with the injury and chronic pain; life is very different now.

      Your latest blog post about how ordinary people struggle due to corruption is shocking and sad. I have said a prayer for them. I hope that change for the positive comes sooner rather than later. Love and regards, Faith

      Liked by 1 person

      • swamiyesudas says:

        My Dear Faith, thank You for taking time to respond. I have said a little prayer for Your well being. Hope You feel Good.

        Yes, for Most people life is a struggle. In India, as I am sure in too many parts of the world, the Poor struggle indeed. Am Sure Your prayers will have effect, and thank You for them.

        Hearty Regards and Best wishes. 🙂

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      • Dear Swami, thank you for saying a prayer for me, it is much appreciated. I hope the bad things will change for the better. And, for you personally, I’m glad you have your cat for company. My small dogs bring me much companionship and comfort!
        Kindest regards, Faith

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      • swamiyesudas says:

        Thank You, my Dear Faith!

        I have been fighting the bad things from my Youth; at that time, I had wanted to see ‘Immediate’ changes. The Good Lord, through enough hits on the head, has made me see that ‘Immediacy’ does not work!

        And am Very Glad that He has made me see that things ARE Changing for the Better!

        After All, Christus Vincit! 🙂

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  2. magarisa says:

    I agree that the colour brown is underrated. Lovely poem!

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