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This Tuesday I spent the whole day at the hospital having had to get quick medical attention because I thought the hip had partially-dislocated again!

Two Sundays ago it had partially-dislocated because I did a movement I don’t normally do – bending down to pop the car boot open. I wasn’t sure if it had dislocated on that occasion because I didn’t have the usual sharp pain while bending sideways, at the waist, (in the direction of that painful hip). But, the pain increased and changed in nature over the next couple of days so I managed to get an appointment with a new physiotherapist for the Wednesday (22nd August 1018). He reducted the hip and now its properly back where it should be.

For the first few days the chronic pain was almost as it had been, then, on the following Sunday it became so painful (more inflammation and spasms surrounding the hip) that I thought I’d dislocated it a 2nd time. TWICE IN ONE MONTH, AFTER 7 YEARS of being rightly in place. I panic now when it is dislocated because it’s dangerous for the bones not to be properly connected – bones are living tissues and die if they’re not properly connected to their blood supply.

Tuesday morning I tried frantically calling two physios – the new one and the one who had initially treated me 11 years ago, and then occasionally for the next few years. Only being able to reach their automatic answering services, I then directly called the orthopaedic clinic at the hospital. The receptionist was annoyed (yes, I know it’s not protocol, but this is my precious hip I’m talking about and the GP practice where I am does not even have my subluxation on my medical records!). She listened to what I said, and with a nicer attitude said I should phone the ambulance. Which I did.

Just to reiterate: I believed my poor hip was again partially-dislocated. I had to get it put back in asap.

The ambulance people asked whether I could drive myself to the A & E (Accident and Emergency) and I said no, I was in too much pain! And, no, I didn’t have anyone to drive me – John, my fiance, doesn’t drive over here (he’s from rural Atlantic Canada and doesn’t wish to drive on our narrow roads) and I don’t have anyone else to ask. Despite all that pain I had to have a shower before anyone started looking at me. I would have been too embarrassed otherwise. I managed to not get dizzy or fall over, and held onto the shower door rail when I could; John helped me dress.

The ambulance had called back with a lot more questions which delayed me getting into the shower. They said they could be up to 3-4 hours before they reached me because my life was not in immediate danger. This, I perfectly understood. I started putting on certain creams and scrubs on my face and body and just before I stepped into the shower the ambulance was here!!

I had to shower if only to get those products off!

They were there five minutes after the last phone call. We were in the area they said. Lovely paramedics they are. Kind and professional.

We sat in the ambulance a good while as I was interrogated again. They took my pulse for the whole journey to the hospital, gave me gas and air for pain relief.

And, everyone was great at the hospital, the first nurse who saw me, the doctor who eventually saw me, all the other staff. There was a lot of waiting but I didn’t mind if they would sort out my hip.

The MRI I had done last year was only of my BACK – NOT MY HIP as well! (Hip problems not recorded in my medical records, despite the problem going back 11 years. Why? I suspect the GP practice is protecting itself from its mistake of not diagnosing me properly. More on that *here* if you’re not familiar with that situation / would like to read about it).

I have lower back pain from the weight of my large chest AND nerve and soft tissue damage in my hip area from an accident 11 years ago. The MRI showed some damage in my spine. The latest physiotherapist advised orthopaedic investigation as he suspects I’ve a labral tear. He was shocked that they had not done an MRI of my hip!

OK, back to the hospital – They squirted a little liquid morphine in my mouth which greatly eased the pain and completely threw off the migraine. Took an X ray of my hip. The doctor and I were very surprised that the hip wasn’t dislocated! Obviously, I was very pleased. I concluded, I must have been doing too much the Saturday, three days after having the hip reducted, Tuesday. Thus the ‘drama’ the hip was putting out. I asked for the morphine patches an old friend used to get for her MS that abled her walk better than me. I was told that A & E cannot give that kind of medicine, nor can the GPs, that was the job of (my inadequate) Pain Clinic; also based at this hospital. Instead, I was given Naproxen for the week. Apparently, Naproxen is a good anti-inflammatory, under the group of NSAIDs; stronger than ibuprofen.

This brilliant female doctor asked what I thought of her phoning my usual GPs to inform them of the hospital visit, and, her suggestion that I have another MRI of my hip this time – to which, of course, I agreed and thanked her.

Gosh, it feels wonderful to be listened to and believed!

This (Thursday) lunchtime a doctor – who I’ve never met before – from my GP practice phoned me. He asked about the hospital visit, said they’d phoned him (MUCH thanks to that doctor), looked up my past MRI and noticing there wasn’t one of my hip, then said he would try to get me a referral. I am to keep on the Naproxen for now. I mentioned to him what my physio said about needing the hip MRI.

Back at home, two days after the hospital help, I’m having less pain with the Naproxen. I will try to be gentle with myself. I’m hopeful that my hip MRI appointment will come through – and soon.

Thanks for reading 🙂 xo


Please note: In the UK a physiotherapist is the equivalent of a chiropractor in some countries, including the USA.




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15 Responses to Health Update

  1. trE says:

    Goodness, Faith! You’ve been through a lot with your hip recently. I’m so sorry you were getting the runaround earlier on.

    Tell John he’s gotta get started driving over there eventually. 😊 I hope your hip will be on its best behavior from here on out!

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  2. It must be a relief that someone is going to try to get to the bottom of your health problems. Chronic pain is terrible – wishing you well

    Liked by 2 people

  3. simplywendi says:

    I am so sorry Faith that you had to go through such horrible pain…………sending a prayer of healing your way my dear.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. magarisa says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been in so much pain. Hope your hip gets better very soon, Faith. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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