Nutmeg (beloved pet bereavement)



Feeling sad today because my little rabbit, Nutmeg, hopped off to heaven yesterday (Tuesday 23rd June 2020). He had a wonderful, sweet character; every time you went into the utility room he greeted you, bounding up to the cage bars to say hello with his soft “beep, beep, beep.” Most times he got a gentle pat on the head or, if busy with something, I just pressed my hand up to the bars where he was. It wasn’t about food or treats it was simply because he liked us. I’ve never known a rabbit call me before.

John knew something was up, Nutmeg wasn’t greeting him, instead he lay on his side. He picked him up and put him in the large run at the bottom of the garden, a bowl of water by his side and although the light was dappled by the overhead trees, he put something over the top for additional shade. It was quite a hot day. The past week he seemed to be slower than usual and I didn’t want to think he may go soon. We sat, together with the dogs, near him. We both thought he was dying – at 5 years and 7 months, it could be expected. Rabbits don’t have long life spans.

John placed him gently via the roof flap into the run and Nutmeg hopped off to a far corner, where he lay. Now and again I watched him for signs of breathing. Some time later, about an hour, I asked John’s help in watering the plants because I’m unable to hold large watering cans and buckets due to my injuries. When we returned, half an hour later, he had gone.


Some wouldn’t understand pet bereavement, especially with a rabbit. But Nutmeg was special and he’ll be greatly missed.





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