The new bug houses arrived :D (photos)



My bug boxes (insect houses) finally arrived! They came with my Asda food grocery delivery, I bought two. Last time they were out of stock.

They’re excellent value for money Ā£3 each. Even come with a metal loop to hang up on walls/fences/trees. They seem well constructed enough – but the edges of the elongated holes are a little rough and need a quick swipe of the sandpaper, and, the wood needs some kind of protection, acrylic paint/varnish/beeswax. I’m not sure if the smell of some of these ‘weather-protections’ will put off the insects though? I’ll have to look into it.

Note: It is important to lightly sandpaper away any rough edges because they can tear and damage any delicate insect wings.

I will be decorating mine! šŸ˜€

Available in the UK. (I don’t know about elsewhere; Asda was bought from Walmart some years ago, so maybe they’re available in the U.S. too?).

Love to you and be safe xo







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6 Responses to The new bug houses arrived :D (photos)

  1. ashleyleia says:

    I had no idea such a thing existed!

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  2. I have never heard or seen these before. We have little screened in houses that we collect bugs to put them there but they are not meant for long term use. Sometimes I would put lizard eggs and cocoons I would find out in nature in them for my kids to see hatch. Then we would release what ever hatched back outside.

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