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I’ve just been touched by this beautiful post from Wheeldealblog who talks about the ‘purest love’ of her dogs. And I agree, we humans experience a special bond with our dogs – and the same goes for other pets. It is an unconditional love. 🐕💕

Please check out her blog. 🙂



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  1. Oh, how I’ve missed you Faith *smiles* …

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  2. Thumbup says:

    Damn! That post and your conservation with her got me teary-eyed!

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  3. Hello 🙂
    I just saw that you started following me and had liked a couple of posts. First of all of course thank you for that! It is always nice to see others interested in what one has to say.
    Of course, the title of your blog spiked my interest too so I’m just scrolling around here and as an avid dog person saw this heartwarming topic.
    Please don’t get me wrong, as I don’t want to push you to read any of my blogs, but thought you might be interested in these

    Also, I know that your time is valuable, but as you are a writer I’d really appreciate your opinion on something:
    I’ve been told by many people that I have this “engaging” style which makes them read my blogs, but even more, love the stories I share about my dog Emmy and her job as a therapy dog. So I’ve been asked to maybe write a book about her stories.
    In case you get a chance to read any of the above two posts… You think this is something a broader audience would really be interested in ?

    Of course, I completely understand if you don’t want to get into answering this and do thank you for your time reading this!

    I wish you and your family only the best, stay safe and enjoy life….it’s too short to waste a minute 🙂
    Thanks again and cheers from Nova Scotia

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    • Hello Manuela 🙂

      I discovered your interesting Nova Scotia off-grid living blog via The Little Red House (such a lovely lady). John is from New Brunswick however we live in Norfolk, England (my country), right by the sea. But that will change in the next few years when we’ll have to move…I’m a fan of Nova Scotia and overall love all that wild natural beauty of Canada. Yes, I LOVE Canada. For almost 11 years I lived in Germany (not with John, alone and later in a relationship that didn’t go well), in Heidelberg, and other areas. Germany to me was my 2nd home.

      Like you I’m a dog lover! Your Emmy is beautiful. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I particularly feel the loss still of my tiny Chihuahua, Sugar who was my companion for 15 years, we’d been through so much together, mainly just the two of us. She passed away 7 years ago and I still miss her and her funny little ways. Some may not understand pet bereavement but they are our Family. They will never let you down. I think your Emmy book idea is a wonderful one. Go for it! Celebrate the life you had together – she was a therapy dog too, the utmost respect to her and you, Emmy bringing love to people who needed her sweet presence.

      Yes, you do have an engaging style because you speak from the heart, you’re natural. You talk of your passions. Yes, I’ll have a look at your blog links – as for my writing ‘status’, I’m self-published for the moment but am looking for an agent to go the traditional route too. And I need to write more in that direction!

      When I was 18 I had a Yamaha RXS-100 and my family were into motorcycles. It was this bike I sadly had to sell to buy my flight ticket to Germany to start a new chapter of my life. A few years ago I sold a 1959 Sunbeam motorcycle my dad left to me. Because of the injury to my hip and back from an unrelated accident, I can’t ride motorcycles again (I’ve severe walking problems). I get your passion for bikes! How interesting you worked, as a female in a strong male environment, with them.

      Anyway, I’ll end here. Thank you for the well wishes and I wish you and yours all the best, with love, Faith


  4. Dear Faith,
    I think I’m in the woods for too long…..but before going on my sincerest apologies for not getting back to you on your wonderful message earlier!

    I knew I had read your words, was canvassing through my inbox, comments, website and was starting to think I was delusional …. when I remembered that it was on your site where I had read your wonderful words and the story you shared with me. I’m so sorry that it took so long….as said…I think living alone in the woods is taking it’s toll 😉

    That being said….oh my gosh….how much we have in common!!!
    Your story is so inspirational and full of sacrifices too!
    I’m also very sorry to hear that the injuries you’ve suffered are so severe and certainly life-changing!

    But, you are one strong-willed and passionate woman and I deeply respect the way you just go for things. Swimming against the current is very energy-consuming, especially because it means that you constantly have to deal and explain yourself to the “well-meaning” people around you.

    It comes with self-doubt, loneliness and exhaustion and if things go south…well, it takes a lot of self-discipline to get back on your feet and say “screw it” and start over again, instead of giving up and going the path of least resistance!

    Just thinking about you selling the bike your dad left to you…..that must have been so hard emotionally!

    Glad you like Germany! So many people there (and of course in other countries) think they are off so badly these days….and don’t realize that every country has its pros and cons! To me….Nova Scotia is great, but only for what I’m doing and capable of right now. It definitely has the worst health care system of all provinces and to me, this is one of many reasons that I see myself spending my “old age” time back in Germany again.
    I love it here, but the way we live comes at a high price and I know it’s only a matter of time until I’ll be not willing to pay that anymore.

    I also wanted to let you know how sorry I am about your dog….15 years together….through ups and downs, only you and her….that is tough losing your partner then! And that’s what she was! I also find no matter how much time has passed and if it’s an animal or a person….if they were really special and close to your heart, it will always hurt. The pain gets “better”, but things never get “good” again.

    Well, I think I’ve taken enough of your time for now and hope you and your husband are safe and healthy (at least if it comes to Corona) and wish you only the best!
    Take care and a big hug from over the pond

    PS….and if you don’t mind me asking…do you have a new dog and do you already know where you’ll be moving to in the future ?

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    • Hi Manuela

      I always click under that notification bell thing for the latest goings-ons but I’m not sure if it always works?

      Hehe, in the woods too long. How lovely to be in the woods. I find nature very calming.

      Been looking at Nova Scotia houses in the woods, near lakes and rivers. I live again with my elderly mum – dad passed away some time ago – and I’ll obviously have to get back on my feet albeit it with broken body to move with John to somewhere where we can call home. I won’t be left too much inheritance but thank God I’ll be left something…but the downside is I won’t be able to afford much to buy an expensive house here in the UK – am looking at Scotland though where I had ancestors hailing from the Isle of Skye! And was looking at the countryside in Morocco – lovely people. I think it’ll be Nova Scotia. I just love the look of the area.

      ………..I’ll write back soon, John just cooked me some fishfingers (fish sticks)! xox Faith


  5. Oh, and you said you have to also “write more in the traditional direction”. What do you mean by that? Sorry, if I’m being nosy…just disregard my questions !!

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    • ‘Traditional direction’ – well, you have your boxes, your genres in writing, and my first novel didn’t properly fit into any of their boxes. Although I’m sure there’s adults who like ‘talking animals’ 🙂 xo

      Book: Oscar Dandelion, International jewel – and sandwich filling – Thief


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