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Today’s Beauty: A Dragonfly (photos)

. Sunday night upon entering the kitchen I heard a furious humming of wings and slapping of body against the ceiling fluorescent light tube. I immediately thought of fairies! When I saw it I still thought of fairies. It was … Continue reading

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Today’s Beauty: Oscar Dandelion! (photos)

. Photos taken yesterday of beautiful Oscar Dandelion. It’s amazing how much love dogs give. I am grateful for that. . . . . * Copyright Faith McCord 2020 Story and artwork belongs to Faith McCord who is the author … Continue reading

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Faded Double Rainbows

Several days ago I posted a photograph of a double rainbow I took outside my house – a photo that turned up in my Kindle Fire feed, from three years ago. Seeing a double rainbow is rare and I am … Continue reading

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Friday Double Rainbows

This came up in my kindle fire feed, a photograph I took two years ago of a double rainbow outside my house. I’d never seen one before. I darkened the photo a little so it would show a bit better. … Continue reading

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