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This space is devoted to all things Textile. I don’t knit or crochet, but I do like hand and machine embroidery, stumpwork, making dolls and other creatures, jewellery, and dressmaking. So I’ll include these other non-textile things here.

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NEW page added under Textile Share! Hello Knitters!



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If you’d like to link back to your ‘craft’ post (the actual post, not the general blog), or if you’d like me to upload your craft photograph here to share with others, please feel free to do so. 🙂

To link your craft post, please add it in the comments section – and then link back to this page, Textile Share, (either in the body of your post, or in the comments section of it).

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Thank you Suezette for the inspiration to share my various things! 🙂


Parrot fabric – I made a single hanging curtain from this bargain upholstery material that I won on ebay.

Fabric – curtains, cushions, blankets etc. – has enormous power to transform the look and indeed feel of a room.


Photograph of – The same parrot and tropical flower print as before.

Below is my history related to making things. If you want to skip this, you may want to scroll to see the photos, or click on the links at the bottom.

I grew up in a creative family. My dear Grandad was an oil artist, mural painter, window designer, designer (he once created a fairyland theme for the WaterWays along Great Yarmouth’s front), and signwriter (by hand in those days!). My Dad is still the most clever and interesting person I’ve ever met – though he called himself ‘stupid’. He was a designer and an entrepreneur although he hated the business part. He invented a screenprinting machine whose patent was stolen when unexpected visitors discovered it – they weren’t supposed to be there – and they made a lot of money out of this theft. My Mum loves knitting and making applique pictures that hang in the hall. She has a lot of art work from when she studied mixed media art at the local college. My older brother used to be able to build motorcycles from scratch without formal training, and engineer things from his own designs. And, my younger sister was far more academically inclined, and who had an eye for fashion. I hear that my nephew is following in Dad’s footsteps; he’s learning engineering.

After leaving the boyfriend I used to live with, in Germany, in 2004, I wanted to make things. Dealing with the emotional scars of this damaging relationship – I was numb, without emotion, except anger; anger was what helped me through; also severe anxiety and nightmares – I found simple cross-stitching / x-stitching theraputic. I wasn’t able then to be more ambitious, and I am still gaining confidence in my abilities today.

A couple of years later I had a short relationship with an older man who had been a sniper in the British army. He has PTSD. He is one of those men who is worried that others won’t see him as ‘manly’. For a while he told me about his father x-stitching because it was relaxing and helpful to his health; finally, he trusted me enough to ‘admit’ it was him.

Crafting: doing something with your hands can really help. Don’t underestimate it!


After I was injured and couldn’t understand the injury, and why I was having severe unrelentless pain and mobility problems – and later, after having my hips realigned, still having this pain and disability, crafting again saved my sanity. Looking back I notice my intense anger, confusion, fear and isolation.I began making simple wire and bead jewellery. I still make earrings and pendents today.



Photograph of – me in 2010, wearing a silver pendent I made with precious metal clay (pmc).


I then made three precious metal clay (pmc) pendents with silver and gemstones. I tried once to sell them but nobody wanted to buy them; I didn’t bother after that, although I have sold my less expensive costume jewellery before. The pendent I’m wearing is ‘Wrap’; the other ones are ‘Pisces‘, my birth sign, and ‘Sunflower‘ – please see photos below.

My Mum said she was also interested in a dressmaking course they were proposing at the college here; but after they contacted us to say only three people wanted to attend, they had to cancel it! That was 2006 when the sewing bug hadn’t taken off yet in the UK. It wouldn’t be until 2010 when the general public got passionate about sewing after seeing t.v. shows about dressmaking etc.

In the autumn of 2009 until May 2010 I learnt level one dressmaking, at an evening class in Norwich. Before the end of the course my Dad suddenly passed away and it was a really difficult time. I miss him every day.


I made a red/black tartan check with Scottie dogs! skirt. I have put too much weight on – because of the lack of mobility and an untreated thyroid condition – since, to wear it.


I wanted to progress with the dressmaking but there weren’t any intermediate courses in my area. The only option was degree level fashion at the local college. I worked on a portfolio showing what I could do, with some trepidation went to the interview and managed to get on the course. But I had underestimated the severity of my pain. I couldn’t – and cannot – walk far, and although my kind Mum had bought me a mobility scooter, it was far too painful sitting for long periods of time. And I was exhausted. I learnt about ‘spoons’ at this time. The Spoon Theory.

So I gave up on formal learning.

At home I started creating my own x-stitch charts to share with others for free. The software for producing my charts was free because of the kindness of the creator (he made it for his wife), so I thought I’d share my designs for free!


Left: One of my X stitch charts. They are free to use for private use.

You can find more of my free craft projects on my http://www.StephanieFaith.net web site, *here*.




Above: Rachel Mermaid Kissing Seahorse x-stitch chart available, free.

Left: Daisy Elizabeth Smiling At Dandelions. Nothing new here, lol! My pet Hermann tortoise seems to span a lot of creative ideas in me. I think I drew this chart out by hand, so it’s not available on my web site.


Around this time I started making other things like coffee pot warmers and soft toys.



Right: One of my Coffee Pot Couture designs, Golden Tulips.

Below: Photographs of the pink dinosaur I designed and made for my Canadian niece who used to be dinosaur mad.

I designed and sewed lots of animals and a large embroidered doll (not a play thing).

I had inspiration from antique and vintage patterns found on the internet and in magazines and books of that era, which I bought off ebay and from local sales.










At home I progressed with my embroidery, picking up new stitches and techniques from my expanding library of books. My passion grew, but it was rather lonely doing it by myself. My Mum had given me one of Dad’s motorcycles – a late 1950s Sunbeam; which I sold for having money to study and buy materials. With my poor health there isn’t much chance of me riding a motorcycle again.



Left: My first attempt at stumpwork. The materials are felt with some beads and vintage lace. The two elephants are padded to make them stand out.



Between 2013-2014 I did another evening course at the local college, and gained a level 3 extinction in my textile work. I will be adding some photographs below, a little later!


You can see more of my college work *Here*

Then wishing to progress further with my hand embroidery, I enrolled on a distance school course. I am ashamed to say that with the attention directed towards another attempt at the degree in Fashion and Design (as in 2010), I haven’t yet begun the work. However, my place is still open!


……………….This page to be continued! Please come back soon……………….


15 Responses to Textile Share

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  2. Sabina Ayne says:

    I have always loved textile work – I have used it for emotional recovery work as well. I am Pisces as well and have been on a bit of a craft journey as well! I look forward to your future textile shares and you’ve encouraged me to share my own textile work! Thanks for allowing us another peek into who you are!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sabina, thank you for your comment 🙂
      I already thought we were quite similar because of our love of animals, art and writing, so it doesn’t surprise me that you’re a Pisces too! Oh that’s great, I would love to see your textile work – maybe you could link to my post here?
      Have a lovely weekend my friend 🐻 💛

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sabina Ayne says:

        I will! I’ve also worked with polymer clay and jewelry making as well. It’s hard for me to do jewelry or needlework any more because of arthritis in my right hand. But I still love seeing it!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Brilliant! 😀
        The modern clays are good to use. I like the polymer and Fimo ones.
        I’m sorry to hear of the arthritis in your hand.
        My favourite clay things I made are a seahorse and Mushroom People 😉


  3. Kara says:

    Wow, neat stuff Steff! Those little critters are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your work, can’t wait to see more ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. suesuzzz says:

    Hey gurl!!!!
    I am playing catch up and I can’t find the last comment you made to me about the blanket idea I had for my lupus but I am still looking around lolol…
    I LOVE,LOVE THIS PAGE!!!! I ALSO LOVE YOUR WORK!! wish that I was as talented as you are gurl….
    Is there a way that I can post a picture on your site here on WP??? Not that I need to at this point but I thought that we and all the others that will come to this page could show each other works off…just a thought and again I am new on WP….
    Makes me want to not pay bills today and do nothing but finish this blanket so I can start on my Lupus one lol…But for one I am not up to going to the store to buy the yarn today lol I wish we had a craft store here…I will have to check with my better half if there is one he would know since he has lived here all his life…I just don’t want to go to hellmart…lol haven’t been there in 6+ years …
    Again I look forward to see more of your work….and getting to know you even more…HEY HAVE YOU TRIED IG FOR YOUR JEWELRY AND CRAFTS??? I WOULD THINK ABOUT PUTTING IT OUT ON IG FOR SURE IF YOU HADN’T ALREADY..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Suzette! 🙂
      It’s good hearing from you! 😀
      I really like that idea about everyone posting their craft pictures on my / one site. One place to share our creative things.
      I could add my email, then add anyone’s craft photos… 🙂
      I don’t know IG. We have folksy in the UK, for selling handmade things.
      I hope you’re having a better day 🙂
      Fiance, John, came with me today for a disability blue badge assessment. Pretty daft really because I’m hardly going to have a miracle cure after nine years of nerve and soft tissue damage!
      Speak to you soon my friend
      🐻 💜 🌞

      Liked by 1 person

      • suesuzzz says:

        As always great to hear from you my friend….
        I agree with you on your new site I so loved this idea…. oh ok so if you add your email then others from the help of you can have there work shown on that page I think that would be great and fun…thank you for asking so far a lil rough day but not near as bad as it can be so I will take it for sure….
        Oh I wish you luck on that assessment let me know how it turns out ..I am here for you dear one..

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your disability, but it is so nice to know that textiles have been therapeutic. Sewing and stitchery can be done in isolation, but when done in the company of other stitchers it can be delightful and magic. It is why I created a social group in my area to bring women together. I am not sure where you are in the country, but if you check out your local fabric store they may do classes and socials.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Fred, ah that sounds brilliant you setting up a local sewing group 🙂 I found one myself, for hand embroidery, but I’m not always well enough to attend. They’re much older ladies and they’re friendly. I’m in Norfolk, ten miles north of Great Yarmouth.
      🐻 💖 🌹

      Liked by 1 person

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