Crazy For Crochet!


FREE Crochet Patterns!!!

I don’t personally crochet, so I thought, like the knitting patterns, I’d also list the crochet patterns which are floating about the house – because they are just too lovely to throw out! They’re cut outs from The People’s Friend magazine (UK), and also some other cut outs from other magazines, and also, a few bought patterns.

They’re too good to throw out!

So, I’m going to try and give them away for FREE through my blog. Failing that, I’ll list them in the local ads.

I suggest either of these things, if a pattern appeals to you –

1). You can email me your address and just pay for the postage for the item.

2). Or we can do a craft swap! I love embroidery.

If I was well off – I’m not, because I can no longer do a normal job (although I hope to make it as a published writer) – I would happily post the item to you without asking for the postage. Hence, I need the cost of the postage to send it to you 🙂

My email is below – – – embedded in the 2 Mushrooms Came Awalking picture –


Important – – – Please read!

Below, I will list the individual patterns. Please use the code for ‘ordering’. I suppose paypal is the safest way to send the postage costs. Depending on your country and how many items you’d like, postage will vary. I try to recycle old envelopes to save on costs. First come, first served! But, maybe to be fair to others, I ought to put a maximum quantity for each person at a time. Say x5?

graphics-knitting-072203Thanks for the Knitting Mouse.


Interesting Crochet Links – – –

Antique Pattern Library




Code: C01


Code: C02



Code: C03

Picture goes here


Code: C04

Picture goes here


Code: C05

Picture goes here



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